President's Welcome


Dear Friends and Members of the C.G. Jung Society:

As the incoming president of the board of the C.G. Jung Society of North Texas, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our upcoming fall season that promises to engage, enlighten, and enhance mind, body, and spirit.

“Fall,” with its multiple connotations, may remind us of loss as much of nature prepares to hibernate during this time, hiding her grandeur as she seeks the solitude necessary for renewal.  In concert with these circadian rhythms, we may also retreat inside our inner sanctum where the various elements cannot penetrate.  Let us be mindful, however, that we and all nature remain constantly in the process of birth, death, and renewal.  Jung reminds us, “unlived life is a destructive, irresistible force that works softly but inexorably.”  If we ignore following our call or if we approach our existence in a manner that avoids examining the inner life, it will force its way into our psyche via the unconscious.   Jung believed that “the fate of the individual is largely dependent on unconscious factors.”  It is, therefore, through the process of individuation, bringing the unconscious into consciousness, that we become captains, not victims, of our fate. 

As Marie-Louis von Franz stated that a tree renews itself only through its roots, she urges everyone to turn back to and examine their inner psychic roots because it is only there that constructive suggestions are to be found.  It is in the personal and collective unconscious we often discover the best way of solving our problems that otherwise might appear insoluble.

We are delighted to begin our fall journey in September with Dr. Tina Stromsted whose focus will be on the work of renowned Jungian pioneer, Marion Woodman.  With others, Woodman created the BodySoul Rhythms approach that reflects on the body/psyche/soul split and explores the process of conscious embodiment in healing. Woodman encouraged a dive into the waters of the unconscious, as mapped by Jung.  In October, we welcome back to Dallas one of our most popular speakers and workshop facilitators, Dean Schlecht, who will lead us through a series of exercises exploring means of expanding consciousness and avoiding roadblocks thereto.  To round out this remarkable fall season, in November Dr. Robert Hemfelt will present a program in which we will enter into the world of anima and animus, two of the most intriguing and often misunderstood aspects of the psyche. 

We invite you to join us this fall as we continue to grow in number and in consciousness, enabling us to effect positive changes not only within ourselves but also in the cosmos.  Jung tells us “one does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making darkness conscious.” 

 I look forward to personally meeting each of you in the coming months.


Shirl Hughes Terrell, PhD                  President Jung Dallas
C.G. Jung Society of North Texas