Lecture Recordings

These past lectures sponsored by the CG Jung Society of North Texas are available for listening, free of charge.

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The Mythological Unconscious: an Explanation of How Psyche Incarnates the Invisible
February 2, 2018

James Hollis, Ph.D. Jung observed that we need to "read" myth to understand what is going on in the unconscious. Dr. Hollis illustrates how the mythopoetic process is at work in us and track the meaning task unfolding even in psychotic process.

The Orphan: Alone Yet at One with Oneself in the World
November 11, 2016
Audrey Punnett, Ph.D., RPT-S, CST-T 

The Redemption of What Truly Matters: The Paradox of Suffering
April 8, 2016
Carol Tripp Smith, LPC, IAAP,

Dreams and the Eclipse of God: How Personal Complexes and Personal Meaning Often Silence the Archetypal Message in Dreams and Life
March 11, 2016
Michael Conforti, Ph.D., IAAP,
addresses the relationship between the archetypal and the personal meaning of dream images. Often in our exploration of dreams the dream's archetypal meaning is eclipsed by our personal complexes and reactions to it, thus missing the dimension that is sacred and eternal. 

Paths to Transformation
November 14, 2014
Kate Burns
, LPC, IAAP, discusses the challenges and situations inherent in a “call” to foundational change and the course along which one may expect to travel during a dramatic change in one’s relationship to life.

The Personal Myth in Times of Cultural Turbulence
February 6, 2015
James Hollis, Ph.D, IAAP, like Jung, asks "What is my myth?" and offers approaches to discovering our myth within our cultural context. He challenges us to a more thoughtful engagement with our own personal myth and journey.

Sounds of Psyche
March 13, 2015
Jennifer Gordon, Ph.D., IAAP,reflects on the ways music connects us to our inner depths, grounding her reflections on dreams, the analytic relationship, and her own experience as a musician. According to C. G. Jung, music represents the movement, development, and transformation of motifs in the collective unconscious.

Sacred Sexuality: Celebrating the Synergies among Erotic, Romantic, and Spiritual Love
April 10, 2015
Robert E. Hemfelt, Ed.D, P.C., explores the long history of ancient and contemporary spiritual traditions that celebrate the intrinsic harmony, synergy, and complimentarity of our romatic/sexual/spiritual beings and observes that sexuality is potentially transformative, mirroring the ecstasy of our union with God

Shadow Dancing
May 8, 2015
Dean Schlecht
, M.Div, LMFT, explains that an authentic, vital life will only emerge through the intentional embrace of inner darkness. The presentation explores the relationship among love, truth, and healing; the poisonous power of judgmental thinking; the impact of moral injury and pathological secrets; disorganized attachment and its relationship to the darkest expressions of the Shadow; and engaging the Shadow by welcoming shame and fear. The essential mantra is "I want my truth and I accept its cost."

Learning to Love the Unlovable
May 9, 2015
Dean Schlecht,
M.Div, LMFT, will help participants in this workshop develop a healing relationship with Shadow aspects of themselves through lecture, Active Imagination, and personal sharing. He will also discuss the many gifts of the Shadow, the role of the Self in shadow work and how Shadow, Ego, and Persona mutually influence each other.

Being Called to a "Cohearant" Life
November 13, 2015
Slattery, Ph.D., IAAP, explains that we are all called, perhaps more than once, to a work, a service,a vocation, a major shift in focus that is the bedrock of living a coherent life. This calling is to a mythic consciousness, a patterned life of value.The call is not always heard or heeded. 

Spectral Visitors: The Mystery of Dreams and Their Use in the Conduct of Life
February 5, 2016

James Hollis, Ph.D., IAAP, discusses how we can begin to remember our dreams and work to integrate their message to us? He shows how we can open up their stories and enlarge our journey.