Program Canceled due to Covid-19 pandemic. Our plan is to reschedule as future conditions and commitments allow.

Jerome Baum, M.A., LMFT
Jerome Braun, M.A., LMFT

Courting the Unconscious to Marry the Numen: Grace, Numinous Experiences & Jungian Psychology

“…the numinosum, that is, a dynamic agency or effect not caused by an arbitrary act of will. On the contrary, it seizes and controls the human subject, who is always rather its victim than its creator. The numinosum—whatever its cause may be—is an experience of the subject independent of his [sic] will…. The numinosum is either a quality belonging to a visible object or the influence of an invisible presence that causes a peculiar alteration of consciousness.” Jung, CW 11, par 6 

Date: Friday Evening
May 1, 2020,  7:30 – 9:30 p.m.
Registration begins at 7:00 p.m.


Overview of the Numinous through a Jungian Lens

Location: The Episcopal Church of Saint Thomas the Apostle
Inwood Road at Mockingbird Lane in Dallas

$20 non-members; $10 students with current valid ID (includes a complimentary reception with wine and cheese)

Jung’s writings give us invaluable guidance for development of a dialectical relationship with the unconscious and ideas about what he called the numinosum. Finding one’s way into numinous experiences requires setting aside an over-valued rational state of conscious mind, i.e., ego-complex, be it momentarily when the numen invades consciousness, rising up from the unconscious and overtaking conscious ego-functioning, or with the intentional cultivation of courting numinous experiences. It goes without saying that the unconscious cannot be reified, objectified or known; however, cultivating an orientation to witness personal manifestations of the living unconscious can be a precursor and psychopomp, creating conscious union with numinous forces rising out of one’s personal unconscious. Friday evening will be an introduction to Jung’s concepts on the numinous, including post-Jungians’ further development of concepts on numinous experiences in Jungian analysis.



Saturday Morning, May 2, 2020, 9:30 - Noon
Registration begins at 9:15 AM


Exercises for the Intentional Quest for Numinous Experiences

Location: The Episcopal Church of St. Thomas the Apostle
Inwood Road at Mockingbird Lane in Dallas
$40.00 non-members; $10 students with current valid ID (includes a complimentary continental breakfast)

This workshop will be an opportunity for your personal application of Jung’s concepts on incubating, coaxing and courting experiences of the numinosum. Exercises will be facilitated in how to move out of the default mode state of mind—one’s customary conscious ego-functioning—to encourage an orientation for experiencing manifestations of the unconscious and readying yourself for inductions of numinous experiences. These exercises will include the role of meditation and witnessing consciousness, your personal myth of numinous experiences, cultivation of peak experiences to allow receptivity of the numen through intentional vulnerability, such as in a personal relationship, nature or through the tertiary function of your typology, and an exercise of Dyadic Active Imagination.

Jerome Braun, M.A., LMFT, is a bilingual Spanish/English-speaking Jungian psychoanalyst practicing in San Francisco, California. He trained at the C. G. Jung Institute in Kusnacht, Zurich, Switzerland and has presented on Jungian psychology in the San Francisco Bay Area, Switzerland, Austria, South Korea and Peru. He developed and managed a treatment program for Spanish-speaking perpetrators of incest and for healing their families. Also, he is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, offering couples therapy in his private practice. Jerome has studied comparative religions for over three decades and has maintained an ongoing meditation practice since 1984. Consciousness studies have been a predominant interest for him since the early 1980s. Currently, Jerome is intricately involved in the Shipibo ancestral lineage of healing through medicinal and sacred plants in the Peruvian Amazon.