President's Welcome

And now we welcome the new year.
Full of things that have never been.

              ~ Rilke                                                         


Dear Friends and Members of the C.G. Jung Society: 


As the New Year begins, we welcome recent happenings that have championed women’s voices as they confront the patriarchy.  These events call forth mixed emotions as we move forward in a hopeful yet cautious manner towards a long overdue promise of gender equality with acceptance and respect for all.

We cannot, however, ignore the challenges confronting us as our culture moves to this higher level of consciousness, for the forces of the unconscious inciting turmoil within must be taken seriously. Reflecting on this, Slater states, “We must always try to have one hand on the underbelly of the collective psyche.” This implies a need to befriend and embrace our shadows as well as arm ourselves with the courage and skills to face the work that lies ahead.

Jung’s path to individuation requires delving into the unconscious and grappling with our choices and their consequences.  This confrontation with the unconscious is reminiscent of Jacob’s agonizing wrestling match with the angel. Such struggles often result in repression, which leads to shadow growth.  If, however, we can confront and befriend our dark angel, we may, like Jacob, embolden the heroine/hero within to emerge, thus bringing forth valuable insights, psychic awareness, and the promise of a new land.

In this progression, we aim for a “seeing through,” a moving away from fixed meanings into the sphere of archetypal patterns and mythopoetic nuances. Thus, we begin to see past the literal toward the metaphoric and into the mythic, wherein lies fertile nurturance for soul making.  When implemented, these methods impart ways of knowing and being - pathways toward improved communication that lead to more peaceful solutions.

Please join us for our spring series featuring presentations promising to expand consciousness and augment mindfulness. February begins with renowned Jungian James Hollis exploring the mythological and mythopoetic unconscious and symbols of transformation.  The March program continues in that vein as Jonathan Young, storyteller par excellence, illuminates the acumen of fairytales, metaphors, and myth.  Our April program is being finalized, and we will announce it in a separate letter.  The season ends in May with Sean Fitzpatrick’s timely focus on race and the requisite need to explore “whiteness” in our society from different depth psychological perspectives.

Presenting speakers who challenge our thinking and provoke our imagination is our goal for 2018.  Thank you for your continued attendance and support of our programs and for helping make 2017 a huge success.

We look forward to seeing you soon!



Shirl Hughes Terrell, PhD
C.G. Jung Society of North Texas

                  President Jung Dallas